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Because of the nature of the objective testing and the number questions, the PRINCE2(r), certification exam can be difficult to pass.
PRINCE2(r), by itself, is not difficult to learn. The official manual is easy to follow and understand.
I used only the PRINCE2(r), official handbooks for my Foundation and Practitioner exams.
PRINCE2(r), Managing Successful Projects
The partner book:
With PRINCE2(r), you can direct successful projects.
To be honest, I didn’t think about buying any additional books at the time. These were sufficient alongside the course material provided by my training provider.
MPlaza is the PRINCE2r training provider that I recommend. They have great materials.
There are many books that can help you understand the core themes and principles of PRINCE2 (r). Here are my recommendations for books to help you study for your exam. Plus, I don’t recommend any book!
1. PRINCE2(r), Managing Successful Projects
You should read the original guidance. It is very easy to understand. It is worth looking into if your training provider doesn’t offer it. Practitioner is an open book exam. You can tab and annotation your manual to aid you in the test.
Get the 2017 version (latest).
It is costly – you might be able to put it on your business expenses. However, this book is the best PRINCE2 (r) book and you will pass the exam with it.
Amazon: Buy Managing Successful Projects With PRINCE2(r).
2. PRINCE2(r), Handbook
Another official AXELOS publication is the PRINCE2(r). Handbook. This publication condenses the entire ‘proper’ manual into an easier format and serves as a quick reference guide.
It is a quick reference guide, but be aware. It can be used as a quick reference guide and a memory aid, but not as a replacement for the full textbook.
It’s also much cheaper!
Amazon: The PRINCE2(r), Handbook
3. PRINCE2(r), Study Guide (2017 Update). David Hinde
David Hinde’s book will be of great help if you find the PRINCE2(r), manual difficult to follow or if you prefer the self-study route.
It takes the official text and makes it accessible. It’s not the most exciting content, but it will help students pass the exams. You will find sample questions at each chapter’s end, as well as additional questions in the appendices.
This guide is a study guide. It focuses more on how to pass the test than how to be the best project manager. It is quite long. If you plan to use it as a revision guide, it might be a better idea to get the ebook version.
Amazon: PRINCE2(r), Study Guide
4. PRINCE2(r), Made Simple by Ian Lawton
This study guide is much smaller. It is informal written and condenses a lot of information into the pages. Although there are no sample questions, it does a great job explaining the various themes, principles and processes in PRINCE2r.
It’s also very affordable!
It could be used as an introduction to the Foundation exam or as a supplemental material. It might be a little too light in certain areas for Practitioner. This would not be necessary if you have excellent course material from your training provider.
Amazon: PRINCE2(r), Made Simple
5. With PRINCE2(r), you can direct successful projects.
Although it is not essential for the exam, Directing Successful Projects using PRINCE2(r), is extremely useful and provides lots of background information about the project context that is very helpful.
This book is the companion book to Managing Successful Programs with PRINCE2 (r), as the name suggests. This book is for senior managers and project leaders. It covers all aspects of project sponsorship in a PRINCE2 (r) environment.
The book is close to t