What does the term text loans says?
When money can be acquired by sending a text message is known as text loans where all you need to do is just sending a text message to the lenders with whom you are already registered.

How is it different from other online format?
You just need to send a text message from your registered mobile number containing a pin number which is issued for your number only and amount you need for a specific task whereas you have to fill up an online form for sending loan request.
Who will be considered as qualified applicant?
A person with minimum 18 years of age, have UK citizenship, working under a reputed firm for regular income source and also have a salaried bank account will be considered an eligible applicant who can anytime apply for any sort of monetary deal.
What kind of details are required to send through text?
Personal details are required to be sent to the money lending sources offering easy money once they receive your personal data. You have to provide some basic details like your full name, email id, loan format, contact details and bank account details which you need to provide during one-time application process.

How much amount we can acquire through this process?
It depends on the repayment ability of an applicant who wants to accomplish a specific requirement with a certain amount. Only if you can pay back an amount, you will be freed to derive a deal suits to your budget.
Is there any restriction for spending money on any expense?
There is no restriction on the amount you need for a certain expense. You will be freed spending money as per your convenience without giving any sort of explanation.
What is the repayment procedure?
Repayment can be done smoothly where you can offer post dated cheques to the lenders or can also give direct access of your bank account.