Salesforce offers a comprehensive certification program that will ensure that your skills meet industry standards and provide best-in-class training and tools for customers. Salesforce Platform Developer II certification will show your proficiency in data modeling and advanced programmatic capabilities with the Lightning Platform. This certification will allow you to design, build, test, deploy, and maintain complex business logic and interfaces across multiple channels, including web, mobile and email. The Salesforce Platform Developer II certification is for those who are proficient in the programmatic elements of Salesforce Lightning platform, as well as developing complex business logic.
Salesforce Platform Developer II Exam:
The Salesforce Platform Developer II exam is an associate-level test in the Salesforce certification structure. This exam tests your knowledge of platform capabilities and features, with a special emphasis on Apex code. The exam will assess your ability to create, debug, test and deploy Apex and Visualforce custom applications on the Salesforce platform. The exam covers the following topics:
First, you will learn the basics of Salesforce. This domain will focus on the most important features and functions of Salesforce Platform.
The second part of the test covers Logic and Process Automation. This is a method that uses completely adjustable systems to automate repetitive tasks based on rules and conditions. It can be scaled in terms function, usability and supportability as well as maintainability.
The third is the User Interface. This section will cover Lightning Web Components and Visualforce.
Then, you will study Performance. Performance-based topics include logic, reuseability, recognizing, and eliminating inefficiencies, among others.
You will also study Integration. This section will teach you about domains such as inbound communications, leveraging External Ids, and implementing appropriate Integration approaches for a specific set of needs.
The next step is to learn about testing. This section tests Apex Classes, triggers and Aura Components. Visualforce and other Apex components are also tested.
Finally, you will learn about deployment tools and debugging. This class will teach you how to identify and solve problems. The debugging phase follows.
Exam Details:
This exam format will help to plan your strategy for preparing and attempting the test in the best way.
First, the Salesforce Platform Developer II maximum time limit is 120 minutes.
The exam is composed of 60 questions that have been scored and 5 questions that have not been scored.
The third is that 70% of the exam passes.
Further, the exam is based on multiple-choice/multiple-select questions. You will have several options for each question. To find the right answer, you can use elimination.
There are no negative points for incorrect answers. You can also use guesswork whenever you need it.
Final note: The registration fees for the Salesforce Platform Developer II Exam cost $200
Let’s now learn more about the exam.
Who should take the exam?
A Salesforce Platform Developer II typically has two to four years experience as a developer, with at least one year of Lightning Platform experience. The following skills and knowledge are required for candidates applying to the exam:
The Candidate must be able to comprehend the principles and best practices of Salesforce code development, interface design, data modeling, and testing and be able apply these principles in real-world development environments.
Capable of finding solutions to specific business problems/process requirements to extend/customize t