The Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect exam is a part the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect certificate. This exam is the final step in obtaining this certification. This certification will enhance your knowledge and hands-on experience in Splunk deployment methodology. It also provides best practices for planning, data collection, sizing, managing, and troubleshooting standard with indexer and clustering. This Splunk certification will help you reach your goals. This certification is quick and easy to obtain. Let’s get started.
The Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect exam demonstrates an individual’s ability manage complex Splunk Enterprise environments and to deploy them. It is also the final step towards obtaining the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect certification. This certification is one of the most sought-after in the IT sector. This exam is designed to test your knowledge of Splunk Deployment Methodology. It also teaches you how to plan, collect and size data for distributed deployments. You will also learn how to manage and troubleshoot standard distributed deployments with indexer and search-head clustering. It’s not as hard as it sounds. It is important to remember that this certification certifies an individual’s ability manage complex Splunk Enterprise environments and to deploy them.
Now the question is: What are the prerequisite skills? Below is the answer to that question:
Exam Prerequisites
You will need to be able to answer the following questions in order to pass the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architecture exam:
Candidates for this exam must complete the lecture, hands-on labs, and quizzes that are part of the Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments,Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise, and Splunk Enterprise Cluster Administration courses, as well as the Splunk Enterprise Deployment Practical Lab.This will help them learn more about the examination and it will also, give a deep and better understanding.
Exam Format
The Multiple Choice and Multi-Response questions in the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect exam are randomly assigned.
Next, you should note that there are 85 questions that must be answered in 90 minutes.
The Salesforce exam costs USD 125 plus any taxes that may be required by local law.
The certification is valid only for three years.
Options for Exam Delivery
You can take the Splunk certification exams in one of these two ways:
First, in-person at a Pearson Test Center.
Or at home via online proctoring
Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect Course Outline
The Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect exam covers the following topics.
Project Requirements
Infrastructure Planning: Index Design
Infrastructure Planning: Resource Planning
Clustering Overview
Best practices for forwarder and deployment
Performance Monitoring and Tuning
Splunk Troubleshooting Tools and Methods
Clarifying the Problem
Crash Problems and Licensing
Configuration problems
Search Problems
Problems with deployment
Large-scale Splunk Deployment Overview
Cluster of Single-Site Indexers
Multisite Indexer Cluster
Administration and Management of Indexer Clusters
Search Head Cluster
Search Head Cluster Management and Administration
KV Store Collection and Lookup Administration
How can I prepare for the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect Examination?
Preparation strategies and guidance are essential for any exam. It is also difficult to pass any exam without a proper structure. You don’t have to worry about the Splunk Enterprise certified architect exam. We have collected all the necessary tips and tricks to help you prepare for the exam. So, let’s get started.