This Certified Cloud Professional (i.e. The CCSP certification exam is one the most advanced in cloud security certifications. If you have the technical skills and knowledge to design, manage, secure and maintain data and infrastructure in the cloud, as well as the ability to apply the best practices, procedures, and policies. This exam is for you.
Exam requirements for CCSP
Primarily to allow you to sit for CCSP exams. The (ISC2)2examination requires that you have at least a certain level of experience.
First, you must have at least five years of experience in the information technology industry. Three years must be in information security and one year in one of the six domains in the CCSP CBK. You should also note that the entire CCSP experience requirement can be fulfilled by obtaining a CCSK certificate from CSA.
Don’t worry if you don’t have the experience required, associates of (ISC2) are still possible. However, in this instance, you must have passed the CCSP exam. As an associate of (ISC), you have six years to gain the required experience. You may also be able to earn experience by working part-time or interning.
Skills and work experience are required
You must prove that you have worked in a Cloud Computing environment. This includes information security-related work and work that requires knowledge in the cloud security field. Your experience must be within one or more the following six domains:
Domain 1:Architectural Concepts & Design Needs
Domain 2:Cloud Data Security
Domain 3:Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security
Domain 4:Cloud Application Security
Domain 5:Operations
Domain 6:Legal & Compliance
It is important to note that full-time work experience is only available once a month. For four weeks, a minimum 35 hour per week equals one month of work experience. Part-time experience must not exceed 20 hours per week, but not more than 34 hours. Internships can be paid or unpaid. However, you will need to get your company documentation proving that you are interning. If you are interning at school, the documentation can be found on the stationery of the registrar.
How long does it take for you to prepare for the CCSP certification examination?
The amount of time it takes to prepare for CCSP depends on the study method you choose and your IT security experience. Some students have studied for as long as 300 hours. Others have been able to do it in just two weeks. It all depends on how hard you study.
There are two official study methods that can be used for your conveyance. These are the official study methods:
Classroom-based learning methods will use the traditional classroom and instructor setup. Your physical presence will be required. This is a great opportunity for you, especially if your location is near a training site and at the time of the session. For a complete list of available sessions, please visithere
Online Instructor-Led
Online instructor-led sessions are the most convenient. Online sessions are ideal if you live far away or prefer to study online. You can find online-based sessions at their official website.
Online Self-Pace
Even if you have a hectic schedule. You might prefer to study at your own pace using online resources. This method has the obvious advantage that you can control how fast you study. Some people achieve effective preparedness in a short amount of time. It all depends on your IT experience and style. You can search for relevant, useful information.