Cloud computing is everywhere in an enterprise. Cloud certifications are a must-have for many professionals. Cloud certs are available for non-technical people as well.
CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ is one such certification. We’ll be answering the question of whether or not this cert is worthwhile.
What is CompTIA Cloud Essentials+?
CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials+ cloud certification is an entry-level option. Cloud Essentials+, like all CompTIA certifications is vendor-neutral. It’s applicable regardless of which private cloud service or vendor is used. It is a great stepping stone to the vendor-specific cloud certs offered through AWS, Microsoft Azure, or GCP. CompTIA offers many courses that will help you get started in cloud basics.
Cloud Essentials+ is not for IT professionals like CompTIA’s Cloud+ certification. Instead, it is geared towards non-technical personnel. The cert validates individuals’ knowledge of cloud design principles, how they can assess the applicability and implications of cloud services, as well as the compliance and risk issues.
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Start trainingCloud Essentials+ does not confer technical credentials. It is a certification that ensures project, operations and business personnel are capable of working in environments where cloud services may be considered, implemented or used daily.
CompTIA’s cloud certifications and other certifications are detailed in our CompTIA Certification Guide.
Who should be interested in Cloud Essentials+
Cloud Essentials+ certified individuals are not going to be cloud professionals, at least not initially. This credential might be of interest to the people below:
Sales/marketing, business, and operations personnel in cloud service/managed services providers, or
Business analysts, success managers, process owners, and business analysts are all needed to support cloud services customers.
Technical support people, such as help desk techs, system admins, and net administrators, who want to work directly with cloud computing.

It is clear that cloud technology is second to the business aspects of each cloud service in the first two categories. Cloud Essentials+ is the right choice for these people. It’s clear that Cloud Essentials+ is the best option in terms of how services are used, how they can be deployed and how cloud customers benefit from the service.
We may find individuals in the third category who are not ready to take on a more technical cloud certification. They may be in support roles such as help desk technicians and are looking for a new position closer to the business.
They may also want to make a lateral shift into cloud admin and operations, but they need some cloud “credibility”. They might be considering investing in technical cloud certifications but want to test the waters first before jumping in.
What Positions will Cloud Essentials+ Place You for?
CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification focuses on the business understanding of cloud services, including compliance, security, risk management, as well as compliance.
For this reason, Cloud Essentials+-credentialed professionals should see opportunities for positions related to an enterprise’s adoption, application, and operation of cloud services.
Consider the selling, marketing, and application of cloud service by managed service providers and cloud vendors. You might also consider a project manager, analyst, or business owner who is interested in using cloud services to improve their process efficiency.
Both of these scenarios show that cloud technology details are less important than the ‘when and why’ questions about cloud services.
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