It’s fascinating to see the debate in forums about the relevancy of the CompTIA+ cert. Some people believe that you will be troubleshooting printers for the rest of your life if you only have an A+. Others believe the A+ certification was all they needed to get in the door.
Even our trainers had different opinions on whether IT newcomers should get this certification. However, all of the trainers agreed that it was still relevant.
It all comes down to this: You will get out of the test exactly what you want, and the certifications should be relevant to your career goals.
This certification is for entry-level professionals.
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Start trainingThe CompTIA+ certification tests your knowledge on basic hardware configuration, configuration, and troubleshooting. The 900 series covers basic security and cloud operations. The emphasis is on the basic.
If you have an IT resume already, then it may not be relevant to your case. Exams that match your experience level, such as CompTIA Network+ or Security+, are worth looking into.
A+ is for inexperienced IT professionals who know their way around computers and need to prove it. Many companies use certification as a baseline metric to help them get hired.
The certification is relevant if you have never worked with a computer before and are interested in getting into IT. You’ll be working with hardware, no matter what.
The 900-series also covers virtualization, storage, security and basic networking. These topics will be essential for any career path, or even if you’ve already chosen one.
Anthony Sequeira makes a strong case for A+ here and actually argues A+ isn’t as basic as it seems to be.
It’s more than a good resume.
It does look great on your resume.
Certifications are a way to measure your industry knowledge and skills. It’s often easier than the job description to get the real deal, even if it says “A+” or that you have relevant experience. You don’t have to justify basic skills. Employers can quickly weed out candidates who do not meet a minimum standard by obtaining certification.
Certifications can help you reach your goals, improve your market value, and influence your career progression. Nothing is more important than being hired or making more money.
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