This 97-video training teaches intermediate-level cloud engineers how to plan, design, deploy, and maintain a successful cloud solution environment. It also prepares them to take the Google Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE), exam.
This is the new Google Cloud infrastructure training.
The training covers 15 topics, including setting up a cloud solution environment and planning and configuring it.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Setup A Cloud Solution Environment
Managing Billing Configuration
Plan a Google Cloud Compute Solution
Get a Google Cloud Storage Solution
Plan a Google Cloud Network Solution
Install Google Compute Engine
Deploy Google Kubernetes Engine
Google Serverless Functions – How to deploy
Google Data Solutions: How to deploy
Google Cloud Networking Solutions: How to deploy
Google Compute Engine Management
Managing Google Kubernetes Engine
Google Data Solutions Management
Log in to Google Cloud Platform and monitor your activity
Configuring access and security

This training covers the following topics:
Set up a cloud solution environment
Cloud solutions planning and configuration
Implementing and deploying cloud solutions
Cloud operations: Ensure cloud operations
Configuring access and security

This training includes:
12 hours of training
97 videos

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