The house is in crisis. The middle pages of Percy And The Kite are missing. The mid-section is missing so you won’t know how Percy does in the contest. However, he does look very happy on the last page. The last page is sticky-taped onto the back cover. This one also fell out, and was fixed.
I search for missing pages under the wardrobe, under cot, and under the changing table. I look in my book bag, in the toy box and in the bag of pram necessities we carry everywhere. Jack shouts, “Percy!” Percy! I didn’t expect to feel so anxious about a green train. It’s not Thomas, for goodness sake.
The pages end up in the laundry basket. Why didn’t you look first? I repaired the book with tape that night. It is days like these that I am grateful for our chest freezer.
To the envy of our friends, we have a garage since moving out of London. The garage houses the incredible tumble dryer and the bottomless chest freezer. These two gadgets are essential for the smooth running the house. They outweigh the TV remote and kettle which do their part in helping us get through the day. I love my freezer and have taken on the role of project manager when it comes to food and meal planning.
Once A Month Meals has been a great resource. I have created a chart to help me review the menus and make notes of the ones I like. I use the site to find recipes and then transfer them to my monthly meal planning book. Every week, the lunch and dinner menus are transferred to the fridge door. This way, I am always ahead of myself for seven days and don’t have to deal with any “What’s for Dinner?” crises.
The best part is that you can make the portions on OAMM so there is always enough for the freezer. As a minimum, I want to have a pasta thing (like a sauce or pasta bake), a pie or quiche, a bread thing and a risotto in my freezer at all times.
Although it sounds like it is, it isn’t. I can swap out meals, make changes, use up ingredients, and adapt the plan if necessary (not that we go out on our own). It’s easy to prepare the shopping list. Simply review the weekly meal plan and shop accordingly.
Although I know it takes more planning than most families, I find it enjoyable. Meal planning is one of my favorite ways to organize, both at home and at work. It adds structure and process, while still allowing for flexibility. On days when Percy is more important that cooking from scratch, there’s the chest freezer and a great choice of dinner options.